A 20 year old suspect has been arrested by the Tembisa SAPS for Possession of suspected stolen vehicle and being in possession of drugs, while Tembisa South Police registered a case of Carjacking against the same suspect.

“It is alleged that on 14 January 2022 at about 05:00 in the morning, a 42 year old victim had just dropped his friend at Umfuyaneng Section, Tembisa when he was accosted by three unknown males who, one of them pointed him with a firearm and demanded his car keys while the other two was threatening him with a knives and he surrendered. The suspects drove off with his car a silver grey VW Polo.” said the Spokesperson of the Tembisa SAPS, Constable Patricia Mgijima.

With the help of the community members, the victim managed to call the tracker company and the car was spotted at Esselen Park.

With the help of Tembisa SAPS Sergeant Boya and Constable Magagula, the suspects were caught in the act while busy stripping the car parts.

Two suspects managed to flee the scene while the police managed to chase and catch one, a 20 year old from Entshonalanga Section.

He was found in possession of the wallet presumed to be the car owner’s, a Samsung cellphone and drugs.

The suspect was detained at Tembisa SAPS and will appear before the Tembisa magistrates court to answer for the charge of Carjacking, Possession of suspected stolen motor vehicle and being in possession of drugs.

“The Tembisa police are further urging the community members to be always vigilant when driving at night or in the early hours of the morning as these are the most rife time where suspects strike, and further reprimand people to refrain from seating in their cars outside or on the driveways as they become easy targets for the opportunist suspects. “ cautioned Mgijima.

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