Fingerfish Street in Ebony Park has finally been opened. The road was barricaded by the community protesting the operation of an illegal scrap yard earlier today, 30 January 2021. The scrap yard has been operating on the vacant land near Kaalspruit for more than 9 months.

The community has been protesting since the early hours of this morning, 30 January 2021. The closure of the road which connects Ebony Park and Allandale resulted in heavy traffic earlier today.

It is alleged that the illegal scrap yard has been operating since last year at the beginning of the National Lockdown. They were apparently only 2 cars parked on the vacant land then. However, we counted 15 cars illegally parked today. Three of the cars were set alight today.

The illegal scrap yard has gotten residents worried about their safety. People have been robbed at the area and a car hijacked last year. According to residents, the scrap yard has been operating for close to a year and it has come to a point where they can’t take it anymore.

Another resident who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of victimization says she also has a problem with the scrap yard between ‘Cell C’ and Tollgate.

“This place is no longer safe. I’m scared to go to the shops after 7pm. I suspect some of the cars here are stolen. Ever since the operation of this scrap yard, crime has increased here. Police must do something “.

Members of the Ivory Park South African Police Service (SAPS) and the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) are monitoring the situation. The community has vowed to continue protesting until the cars are impounded and the scrap yard closed.

A community leader who spoke to KAE News said that petitions to close down the scrap yard have been sent to JMPD but fallen on deaf ears. The community will be gathering again later today.

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