The father of a deceased eight (8) year old boy reported to the Rabie Ridge Police Station that he found his son lying next to a shack in Kanana on top of illegally connected electric cables, on Tuesday night.

Paramedics were called to the scene and declared the child dead on arrival.

“Parents are warned to be aware of any exposed electrical cables. Those cable are dangerous because they are live. Let us be extra vigilant and sensitised our children not to play next to them,” said Sergeant Dipolelo Moremi of the Rabie Ridge SAPS.

The Kanana area is rife with illegal electrical connections. Members of the SAPS, City Power and JMPD conducted an operation to remove illegal connections last month.

Unfortunately, most of those connections are back up after law enforcement officials leave the area.

In other electricity news, Ebony Park Extension 4 has power restored after more than 3 hours in the dark. The area had a local power outage caused by high voltage cables which fell down near the Ebony Park Primary School. Eskom technicians restored the power late on Wednesday night.

Reminder Loadshedding will be implemented as follows in KAE and surrounding areas on Thursday, 09 March 2022.

  • Thursday from 00:00 until 02:30
  • Thursday from 08:00 until 10:30
  • Thursday from 16:00 until 18:30

Residents are reminded to always treat electricity as live at all times.

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