The power utility, Eskom in Gauteng will start conducting audits, maintenance and normalising the network to improve the reliability of supply.

Audits will also be done to safeguard transformers from failures and explosions. Furthermore, Eskom aims to reduce operational costs, curb energy losses and collect revenue for services in areas of supply.

Eskom technicians will be visiting your areas to:

  • Inspect, audit and conduct maintain on electricity equipment.
  • Remove illegal collections such as meter bypassing and tempering
  • Remove illegally connected electricity infrastructure such as transformers.

Residents are advised to follow these steps to remain connected:

  1. Grant Eskom access to your premises to conduct audits
  2. Ensure your meter is legally connected when Eskom visits you
  3. Avoid a reconnection fee of R6,052.60 for consuming electricity illegally.
  4. Buy electricity from legal vendors and
  5. Report illegal connections to Eskom Crime Line 0800 11 27 22.

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