Four suspects claiming to be from Johannesburg are expected to appear in the Tembisa Magistrate’s Court on today, 14 September 2920 to face two charges of theft.

The three women and a man, whose ages range from 28 and 42, were arrested at the Busy Corner Mall in Ebony Park on Thursday after they cheated their victims into leaving one of them with her handbag and phone. This they achieved by claiming to be on familiar terms with the store manager of the local retail store, thus convincing their potential victims that, as a result of the relationship, they can have items needed at staff cost prices.

On Thursday the suspects convinced another woman into handing over her belongings to one of them, while the other one accompanied her to meet the manager for the supposedly cheap items, only for the chaperone to disappear in the store. By then her fellow suspects had already left the premises, with a bag and phone belonging to the victim, for their vehicle which was parked outside. Security was alerted and the four was speedily prevented from leaving pending the arrival of the local police officers. The vehicle used in the commission of the theft has also been confiscated.

Since then another woman has already come forward after she was also cheated into leaving her belongings with the same suspects about three weeks ago. As if losing her handbag and phone was not enough, the second lady had the unfortunate horror of having her money withdrawn as well.

Ivory Park Police are warning shoppers to be aware of these imposters, and to quickly alert the mall security should they receive such overtures from these people instead of looking for non-existent bargains

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