The community meeting that was called by the African National Congress (ANC) Councilor of Ward 111, Clr Raisibe Matsimela started more than an hour late.

It was held at Living Word Worship Centre and was scheduled to start at 11:00. Eventually the meeting started at 12:53. The reason for the delay was because there was a wedding ceremony in the church.

One of our reporters got his cellphone confiscated and was scolded for recording the Councilor without permission. KAE News regrets the incident and has apologized to the Councilor. As media practitioners it doesn’t give us a right to record or take pictures of anyone without their consent.

The meeting discussed current projects in KAE being the Ebony Park-Kaalfontein Clinic and soon to be opened Busy Corner Mall.


The clinic should have opened it’s doors on Tuesday which was later postponed to Friday. The reason for the delay in opening the clinic is an Occupational Certificate which still needs to be issued. It has been confirmed that the Clinic will operate 24 hours a day . Another administrative nightmare has been the transportation of patient files from Thuthukani Clinic to Ebony Park Clinic.

Vacancies that were previously advertised have been filled. Employment and resources of the clinic are under the purview of the Gauteng Department of Health and interviews have been conducted.

The community demanded transparency on how staff was hired. It was claimed that local residents were not considered as hoped for.

Two ambulances are going to arrive on Monday and will be permanently stationed at the clinic. The community can phone the emergency call Centre for urgent medical attention.

Midwifes have been appointed and KAE News is looking forward to the clinic’s first birth.


The Councilor said she doesn’t know how the name change of Ebony Mall happened. There was no consultation with the Councilor on the sudden name change of the mall from Ebony Mall to Busy Corner Mall. Councilor Matsemela will have a negotiation meeting with the property developer, Andries Tlouyamma. It is unclear on how a property developer can hire staff on behalf of its tenants as recently reported that Busy Corner Mall website is open for job applications.

The Mall will have 35 stores in total. Some of the tenants of the Mall have hired staff including Cashbuild, Pick n Pay, Kwiksave Butchery. The community must visit the Ebony Park Revenue Office (Paypoint) for available vacancies .

The Mall will start operating at the end of the month.


The Councilor claimed that there people that are accusing her of being corrupt and undermine her authority. She said she is the duly elected Councilor of the whole ward and is a “straight forward Councilor “. She pointed at her 1st born daughter who attended the meeting and is unemployed to make a point that she is not corrupt. The Councilor called on anyone with evidence of corruption to lay a case with the police to investigate.

Lastly, the Councilor disbanded the Labour Desk which is a forum of job seekers in KAE. The reason for this decision is unclear at this stage.

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