The Residents of Ivory Park can now look forward to the completion of the new, multifunctional Ivory Park Swimming Pool Complex – which will add to the City’s more than 50 swimming pools spread across all seven of its regions.

As part of the City of Johannesburg’s strategy to meet the demand of new social infrastructure, the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) has been undertaking the upgrade of the Ivory Park Swimming Pool Complex, which will benefit the community of Ivory Park, Kaalfontein and adjacent neighbourhoods.

Ivory Park is a previously disadvantaged area requiring interventions in terms of quality social, infrastructural, economical and environmental services in order to develop into a viable, self-sustaining community. Located in Ward 111 on Freedom Drive, the Ivory Park Swimming Pool Complex, once completed, will be equipped with an olympic-style swimming pool and splash pool with a grandstand for spectators, making it an important facility to the contribution of the wellbeing of residents.

“The construction of the new, multifunctional, Ivory Park Swimming Pool Complex is one of the projects the City is undertaking to redress the deficiencies in social infrastructure in marginalised parts of the city and a step towards creating more sustainable and liveable settlements, with improved quality of life for residents,” Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Development Planning, Cllr Thapelo Amad said.

“The overall cost for the construction Ivory Park Swimming Pool is R42million and the facility will be handed over to the City’s Community Development Department once completed,” Cllr Amad said.

The facility’s eco-friendly concept design will make use of technological innovations such as solar panels (for water heating), water tanks (for water harvesting), greywater recycling and a waterless toilets system which utilises a natural biological process to break down the waste.

The upgraded Ivory Park Swimming Pool Complex now sitting at 72% completion will supplement the various developments that have been taking place in Region A, these include the ongoing Kaalfontein Multipurpose Centre, Ivory Park Public Environment Upgrades and the recently upgraded Kaalfontein Clinic.

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