The Tembisa Sector teams members received a complaint of mob justice at Winnie Mandela Zone 7 open ground. On arrival a group of people dispersed leaving three men on the ground with tyres on their necks and blindfolded.

“According to the bystanders, the three men were dragged from Zone 4 where they were accused of house robbery . It is alleged that they broke and entered two different rooms in the same yard, of which in one room they stole a cellphone and R900 cash, in next room they could not enter but shot the victim who was trying to balance her door as the suspects were forcibly gaining entry,” said Constable Patricia Mgijima.

The victim who was shot was taken to Tembisa Hospital in a critical condition.

Hearing the screams of the victims, the community came out in numbers, cornered all three suspects and started assaulting them while dragging them to the “Braai stand” as they call the ground.

Two of the suspects were rescued by police and taken to Tembisa hospital under police guard while the third suspect succumbed to his injuries at the scene. They are currently unknown in the area.

The Tembisa police station, Station Commander Brigadier Roopchand Sookraj strongly condemns the act of criminality within the community. “It is a good idea to have neighbourhood watch and recognized patrollers and citizen arrest, but the community must refrain from taking law into their own hands as they are incriminating themselves ” reprimanded Brigadier Sookraj.

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