The City of Johannesburg (CoJ) has published the draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and calls on the public to comment. IDP is the future plans of the city over the short, medium and long terms. The key to the process is “intergration” meaning that all processes are considered in relation to one another including priorities and budget. The IDP informs the budget and planning for the City for the next 5 years.

In terms of the law, municipalities should prepare the IDP process plan 10 months before a financial year. The IDP and Process Plan serves as the guidelines of the municipality to align with the key milestones that must be achieved by the city.

The IDP process plan contains the City Lekgotlas, Budget Steering, Community Based Planning, monitoring and reporting. The City conducted 135 ward based community based consultation sessions from September 2019 to 16 November 2019 in all 7 Regions of the City. They were 21 Regional summit planned to take place during April 2020, however with the recent COVID 19 outbreak all public gathering have been banned in order to curb the spread of the virus.

The City of Johannesburg proposed revenue budget for the 2020/21 financial year is R61,8bn with operating expenditure projected at R59,9bn. The City is budgeting for a surplus of R1,9bn for 2020/21. The surplus will be applied towards the City’s working capital and funding of capital investment. Budget for community facilities is at R334 568 000 and an amount of R924 362 000 has been budgeted for road infrastructure.

KAE News attended the Community Based Sessions for Ward 92 and Ward 111 last year. These sessions were aimed at giving feedback on the issues that were raised in March/April as well as source input for the 2020/21 IDP review. The objective of the sessions was to consult with stakeholders at a ward level to identify ward priorities for inclusion into the draft 2020/21 IDP and budget report. The draft IDP and Medium Term Budget was tabled at the Virtual Ordinary Council Meeting held on the 29 May 2020.

The Priorities for KAE are building of a sports facility in Ebony Park (Loftus Ground); Upgrading of roads from gravel to surface at Cowfish Street, Killfish Street and X-ray Fish Street in Kaalfontein; Installation of speed humps at Tshwaranang Street, Blue Acara and Bohloko Street in Ebony Park Ext 6; fixing of traffic calming measure (speed humps) at Ndimatsheloni Street; Installation of Apollo lights and maintenance of street lights and building of Multipurpose Centre in Kaalfontein.

The approved projects in KAE and surrounding areas for 2020 to 2023 are the below:

Kaalfontein Construction of a new library, community hall and arts and culture facility R112m
Ivory Park Construction of Ivory Park Swimming Pool Project R5m
Ivory Park Hikensile Clinic Renewal Ivory Park project number R700k
Klipfontein Project New Clinic Project project R15m
Rabie Ridge Clinic Renewal project R700k
Rabie Ridge Construction of new Midrand Depot facility Phase 1 Rabie Ridge R48m
Ivory Park Conversion of Open Drains to Underground drains R91m
Ivory Ivory Tarring of gravel roads Ivory Park Ext 9 R45m
Kaalfontein Tarring of gravel roads Kaalfontein Ext 2 R30m
Mayibuye Tarring of gravel roads Mayibuye 4209 R38m
Rabie Ridge New Park Development project R7m
Ivory Park UDF_Development Catalytic Node Infrastructure Project R55m
Midrand Upgrading of Midrand Public Transport Facility R27m

For the 2020/21 financial year, the City will focus on high impact programmes. These will include the storm water, sewer system and tarring of roads in Kaalfontein, Ebony Park, Ivory Park, Rabie Ridge and Mayibuye. Ebony Park has also been identified by the City high speed broadband network.

The public is invited to comment on the CoJ Draft IDP by 23 June 2020. Copies of the 2020/21 Draft IDP, Medium Term Budget, Rates Policy and By-laws and Tariffs can be downloaded from the City of Johannesburg website.

Electronic submission can be made as follows. IDP Inputs can be emailed to or Whatsapp 083 632 1077 or comment the link

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