Tembisa South SAPS conducted a Bullying and Drug Awareness presentation at Phuthumani Primary School on Thursday, 15 2022.

Tembisa South Social Crime Prevention together with the relevant stakeholders from Department of Health, Department of Education, Makukhanye Alcohol And Drug Center conducted a Bullying and Drug Awareness.

“The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the negative impact of Bullying and taking of drugs by learners within the premises and outside the premises of school,” said Constable Bridget Mavuso, the spokesperson of Tembisa South SAPS.

“Learners were taught about discipline, following the school protocols and normalizing to report Bullying to their teachers than to their older brothers that are fighting back on their behalf which leads to groups of learners outside the school fighting with the learners of the school. They were taught about juvenile prisons, how Bullying can affect their future and which other channels can assist them when they face challenges,” Mavuso added.

Pamphlets about drugs and Bullying were given to the learners and teachers.

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