The Ivory Park Taxi Association (IPTA) and Kaalfontein Engen Garage distributed more than 1,000 food parcels to Gogos from Themba Khoza Informal Settlement and Ivory Park 2.

The elderly were transported from Themba Khoza to the Ivory Park Taxi Rank 2 on Wednesday the 29th April 2020. Lockdown regulations were adhered to as each Toyota Quantum taxi ferried a maximum of 9 passengers. Over 1,000 families benefited from the generous donation by IPTA and Kaalfontein Engen Garage.

Sanjay Govina, the owner of Kaalfontein Engen Garage which is next to the Kaalfontein Taxi Rank said it started a joint venture with IPTA back in 2012. He said “It is very important to give back to the community because these are the people who support our businesses. We did not want to politicise this, therefore we asked IPTA to identify elderly and disabled people. We don’t want people to be frustrated by hunger during these trying times,” Govina said.

KAE News also interviewed the Vice Chairperson of IPTA, Vusi Macheke on the sidelines of the charity drive. “Today we decided to give our community food parcels since it is the community that supports us. We see that the lockdown has caused people not to be able to work and not have food. We decided to give back with the little we have” Macheke said.

The families each received a 12.5kg bag of mealie meal, 2-litres of cooking oil, canned tin stuff, sugar, teabags and powdered soap.

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