Law abiding residents of Kaalfontein, Allandale, Ebony Park (KAE) and surrounding areas did not have a peaceful sleep on the night of the 12th July 2021.

Widespread looting has spread to the area with looters helping themselves to all kinds of goods like food, clothing, furniture and appliances. Gun shots could be heard throughout the night as police struggled to disperse crowd and contain the situation.

At least 3 people have lost their lives in the area.

As reported yesterday by this publication, looting started at Busy Corner Mall around 17:00 on Monday. At the time of publishing, Ebony Park Spar Shopping Centre, Kaalfontein Archerfish Crossing (Boxer), Yarona Shopping Centre and Kaalfontein Corner had been looted with millions of goods lost.

Black owned businesses have also been affected in the area. Foreign owned spaza shops were also not spared.

The aftermath of the looting has seen all major retail stores in the area almost empty with goods worth millions of rands gone. Job losses are inevitable. Food security has been affected forcing residents to make a plan to buy essentials like bread.

Fuel tanker is reportedly not available to make deliveries to BP Garage in Ebony Park and Engen Garage in Kaalfontein. Furthermore, SASSA has suspended cash delivery services at paypoints.

The situation remains calm at the moment and police are continuing to monitor the situation.

Story is developing.

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