The Ivory Park SAPS are investigating a case of robbery after negotiators to lobola proceedings were robbed.

The possibility is that the victim, who was due to pay some lobola for a wife to be, may have been followed from a bank where he withdrew a sizeable amount of money.

On arrival at the place in Ebony Park on Saturday, the four men demanded money, which by then had been handed to those busy with the lobola issue inside the house.

After they failed to get the money from the man they headed straight into the house where the delegates and the host family were forced to lie down. The money and all of their cellphones were taken and the robbers left the scene as quick as they arrived. A case of robbery has been opened and investigations are underway.

The Ivory Park police, led by Station Commander Brigadier David Mbongeni Ngcobo, are appealing to the people to refrain from withdrawing large sums of money for their own safety.

“As much as lobola issues are traditional affairs, nothing should stop us from moving with the times that we are in. One of the challenges is that moving large sums of money is just not safe,”

says Brigadier Ngcobo

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