Ivory Park police are requesting for information from any member of the public with information regarding a murder incident on Sunday night during which an Ivory Park man was shot 15 times. The incident took place in Ivory Park’s Extension 15.

The deceased, 35-year-old and a Zimbabwean national, was in his neighbourhood when a group of seven armed men came to his place looking for him. Upon not finding him, the group forcefully took his girlfriend’s phone, preventing her from informing him there were people looking for him.

He was seen at a nearby tuck shop, and that was when they started firing shots from all directions. He fell to the ground and they continued to shoot him, as if to ascertain that he was dead. The man was certified dead at the scene

The motive for the murder is not known at this stage, but it is rumoured that this group of seven was part of the 15 man team that came looking for the deceased on Thursday night, telling the same lady that the deceased was responsible for killing their friend in Olievenhoutbosch, west of Pretoria. This piece of information and the alleged murder (of the friend) cannot be confirmed at this stage, but the police are following all the leads, and would appreciate any little information that can assist in leading to an arrest.

“It is quite clear from the number of shots, and the number of people involved that these group came with the sole purpose of killing someone. We, as the police and law abiding members of the community must stop them as quickly as possible,” said Brigadier David Mbongeni Ngcobo, the station commander of the Ivory Park SAPS.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Ivory Park SAPS on (011) 990-9600.

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