Community Police Forum (CPF) elections for new structures in the Ivory Park Police Station precinct will start today the 16th of October 2019.

The Community Police Forum (CPF) is a legally recognized body that operates under an Act of Parliament. This means that every Police Station in South Africa must have a CPF. The CPF is a voluntary organization and people do not get paid for their services; rather it is a form of community service.

The central goal of community policing is for the police to build relationships with the community through interactions with members of the public, creating partnerships and strategies for reducing crime and disorder.

Participation in the local structures of the CPFs is the best way in which the community cooperates well with the police and influence the policy decisions within their areas. It is in the best interest of the community to participate in CPF structures to stop crime and know what are the hotspots and patterns of criminal activities in the area in order for the police to deploy resources accordingly.

Elections of the CPF structures in Ivory Park Police Station precinct for the different sections will be held under the following details:

? 16 October 2019, today.

? Mikateka Primary School, Extension Nine, Ivory Park and

Old Council Offices, Ext Two

? 18:00

? 19 October 2019, Saturday

? Ebony Park Primary School

? 09:00

? 22 October 2019, next Tuesday

?Eqinisweni Secondary School

? 18:00

? 24 October 2019, next Thursday

?Drake Koka Primary School

? 18:00

? 26 October 2019, next Saturday

?Mpumelelo Primary School

? 09:00

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