In a heartwarming event, the EFF Johannesburg Region successfully executed a significant program by handing over a newly built house to Koko Masiti Sebola on December 17, 2023, within Ward 78.

The house, a testament to the party’s commitment to uplift communities, was built under the leadership of EFF Johannesburg Region Chairperson, Fighter Sepetlele Raseruthe.

The ceremony witnessed the presence of prominent figures, including Gauteng’s Deputy Provincial Chairperson and Party Leader in the Provincial Legislature, Fighter Phillip Makwala. Accompanying him were select members of the Provincial Command Team (PCT), the Regional Command Team (RCT) from Johannesburg, and the dedicated ground forces of EFF, representing various parts of Joburg.

The event marked a significant milestone in the EFF’s ongoing efforts to empower and support community members in need, underscoring the party’s commitment to addressing housing needs and making a tangible difference in the lives of residents

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