Nanny Annaclater Sihle Ngwenya is the family’s Nanny and she was residing in Tembisa.

“We are very concerned about her. She left to Newcastle to attend her brothers funeral on the 16th of April. We last had contact with her on the 23rd of April and was due to return to on the 25th. We are unable to get in contact with her, and she is still owed her April’s salary”. said Shiksha Rohan.

If anyone knows her and has a way of contacting her please WhatsApp Shaun Rohan on 067 024 9817. The family just needs to know that she is okay.

“Our little son misses her alot. She would never leave us on this note, we are a family and are really concerned about Anna. If you have any information please contact us.” pleaded Shiksha.

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