Kaalfontein- Community members in Kaalfontein Extension 4 have vowed to continue protest action started earlier this week until their demands and grievances are addressed.

The Kaalfontein community is striking for illegal connections to be removed. Some households have been without electricity for more than a week. As reported previously https://kaenews.co.za/blog/eskom-restoring-power-in-some-areas-2/community/ Eskom is restoring power in some areas. The power utility is conducting audits across the Gauteng Province. The aim of the audits is to remove illegal connections, disconnect bypassed meters and issue fines for contraventions.

One community member said “we are tired of people doing illegal things and affecting us. We will continue striking as this is the only language our government understands.”

The community called the Councilor to come see illegal connections affecting the electricity at Kaalfontein. However, we are told the Councilor just took pictures and didn’t do anything after that. The community now wants President Cyril Ramaphosa to come.

The road in Kaalfontein was previously barricaded but is now clear.

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