Employees from Pikitup Midrand Depot and Maru Ciberconnect have been hard at work cleaning our areas of Kaalfontein, Ebony Park and Ivory Park. Pikitup is the City of Johannesburg’s Waste Management Company while Maru has been mandated to assist Pikitup with litter picking and keeping our neighborhood clean.

Pikitup provided new 240l bins to almost every household in our areas and placed Skip Waste bins in illegal dumping hotspots. However, these initiatives have not had a significant impact in curbing illegal dumping. Our areas still have a huge dumping problem. The problem is concerning and disturbing in that some residents still dump waste right next to the big Skip Waste bins placed in illegal dumping hotspots.

Illegal dumping is not only hazardous to the environment, but also causes gross depreciation of home values. Residents are urged to use the 240l bins and stop illegal dumping. Report illegal dumping to 080 872 3342 or WhatsApp 082 779 1371. Illegal dumpers may be fined R5,000.00.

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