Cambridge Food Tembisa in Mayibuye finally opened doors to the public on Friday, 10 September 2021.

The supermarket on the corner of Modderfontein Road and Mastiff Road in Mayibuye was forced to shutdown as a result of widespread looting and unrest which happened on the 11-13 July 2021.

The Massmart owned retail store was hit hard by the unrest and took two months to reopen. As a result of the unrest several people lost their lives in the midst of the chaos.

Finally the store has been opened and nearby residents can breathe a sigh of relief and save money on taxi fare used to travel to other shopping centres.

Dozens of shoppers could be seen leaving the store with grocery bags.
“We thank that our Cambridge supermarket has finally opened doors to the public. We have been struggling to buy groceries since the looting. I hope people don’t do what they did in July” said Yvonne Mapela, a resident from Kanana.

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