Earlier this month, on the 5th of February 2020 we reported that the Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg is on a mission to eliminate all potholes in Johannesburg.

The ambitious plan was launched a week ago in Alexandra by the African National Congress (ANC) Executive Mayor Geoff Makhubo. Ebony Park Extension 6 was amongst the areas identified by the ‘waging war on potholes’ campaign.

This time last week, officials from the City, Johannesburg Roads Agency and Pikitup launched the campaign. Among the streets identified was Camelia Street in Ebony Park (near Triple Garage). The street together with Umhluthi Street is littered with potholes. The councilors of ward 80, 110 and 111 were present in the City’s efforts to fill the potholes.

The efforts were nothing but a sham. The campaign was evidently launched as part of the ANC’s electioneering towards the 2021 local government elections. A week later, the potholes have become much worse causing traffic in the morning and evening during peak hours.

The potholes have become so bad that community members fill the gaping holes with sand. KAE News spoke to Jabulani Majola a motorist from extension 6. “I use this road (Camelia Street) everyday going to work. Around 6am there’s already traffic and it is caused by these potholes. Fellow drivers have to maneuver around them so as not to damage their vehicles. It’s been long now these potholes are like this and it seems like everytime it rains it just becomes worse and worse. Where is the government we voted for to fix this?”

The tar used to patch the roads has been washed away by the rain. The City promised to fix all reported potholes by the community. However, this promise has not been kept as we reported these same potholes but absolutely nothing has been done.

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