On Sunday, 23 January 2022 at 10:00 , Tembisa Sector 1 and 2 Sgt Makwe and Sgt Lemao, Liquor Officer Sgt Maseko, GBV(Gender Based Violence) co- ordinator Sgt Makgatho and Communicstions Officer Cst Mgijima held a meeting with the community of Winnie Mandela Zone 05.

This arised from an incident where police had rescued a man who was accused of robbing people around the area in a Toyota Quantum.

The suspect was later released due to no one coming forward to open a case against him. The community was angered by the release.

The two sector managers, both Sgt Makwe and Sgt Lemao took it upon themselves to meet up with the community of Winnie Mandela.

The community was made aware of crimes happening in the area and were also reprimanded for wanting to take the law into their own hands, intimidating police, making it difficult for the law to take it’s course and withholding information.

While in the meeting, information came up that there was a 52 year old man, an unregistered community patroller, who was stabbed and killed by a group of about 30 youngsters aged between 17 and 22 years.

The patroller had apparently ordered the youngsters to disperse as it was already in the early hours of the morning-around 04:00.

Tembisa police managed to arrest at least 06 of the suspected men aged between 17 and 22 years old for the murder. The information from the eyewitness also emerged that the group also comprises of girls and they together call themselves “Mapenyane”, an outstanding number of about 24 is yet to be traced and arrested.

More safety tips including those of being aware of bogus prophets, fly by night colleges, keeping the burglar doors closed at all times, having whistles and neighbour watch was also shared with the community.

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