On Tuesday, 18th of August 2020 at about 21:00 the Rabie Ridge Police received a complaint of mob justice in Luanda street in Klipfontein View.

Housebreaking suspect was apprehended by community for housebreaking. “Mphakathi” beat up suspect and items stolen were recovered.

“Suspect was taken away from scene with police vehicle to police station as it was not safe for the ambulance to be at the scene of the crime. Upon arrival at the station suspect passed away. Ambulance was called to confirm death. “ said Constable Nhlongo of Rabie Ridge SAPS.

Victim of mob justice is known. A case of Murder is opened and no arrest have been made thus far.

“We are still awaiting for community to come forward with any information that can assist us in arresting those who took law in to their hands by calling Rabie Ridge SAPS on 10111 or 011 310 0410/20” added Nhlongo.

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