#NtwanaYam is an initiative started by young men from Midrand and Tembisa

to establish transparent conversations amongst the male species in our environment and also to positively stimulate the mind of intwana yami.

#NtwanaYam recently had an opportunity to address boys at Tsosoloso ya Africa Secondary School. On the 22nd October 2019 they will be addressing the boy child at Eqinisweni Secondary School.

They mentor the mind of the next generation and their objective is to cultivate skills from the children around ekasi in response to the chain of poverty and the high employment rate that is so prevalent in townships. They also do their role in curbing the ongoing gender violence culture that has almost turned into a norm by imprinting values and morals deep in the subconscious mind of the boy child.

The founder of #NtwanaYam is Sabelo Gift Mkhonza from Moedi Extension 5 in Tembisa. The initiative is brought to you by eGumbini Productions, a newly found production hub in the Midrand and Tembisa area. It is spearheaded by young man of different professions, raging from Content producers, Djs, Radio Djs, Comedians and many other leaders in their respective fields. However, The initiative seeks to attract many more men in their respective fields and in numbers.

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