Constable Marvin Mabusha Maphoro, an Ivory Park SAPS crime prevention officer who died in a hail of bullets last week, 16 November 2023, has been described as an asset to the entire SAPS in general and the community of Ivory Park in particular.

Maphoro, 38, met his untimely demise at the hands of a heavily armed gang, which had just blew up an ATM at a garage in the Tembisa surburb of Hospital View.

Upon receiving a call for back up from his Tembisa SAPS colleague, Maphoro and his colleagues rushed to the scene not knowing how heavily armed and many the criminals are.

The call to serve and protect was upper most in Maphoro’s mind when they responded to the call. Upon arrival they were greeted by a hail of bullets by a group of about 20, killing Maphoro instantly, thus bringing to an uprupt end what could have been a mutally benefial relationship between the SAPS, his employer, and Maphoro, described as disciplined, responsible and hard working.

At the time of his death he had been with the SAPS for three years as an active member and some other valuable experience as a reservist for 12 years.

He leaves behind his wife, Maria, and five children behind. He will be buried in Nkangala, Mpumalanga, his adopted home for the past three years from Burgersfort.

Compiled by Captain Ben Matimulane.

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