Rabie Ridge- The Rabie Ridge Police poured liters and liters of alcohol down the drain this morning.

This was after cases of liquor were confiscated at outlets who do not comply with by-laws and the Liqour Act. Schedule 3 of the Gauteng Liqour Act of 2013 states that taverns and pubs should operate between 10:00 and 02:00.

Rabie Ridge SAPS warned liqour outlets who do not comply with trading hours that they will have their licenses revoked and liqour confiscated.

The Rabie Ridge Communications Officer Constable Jacob Nhlongo advised that the confiscated liqour is poured down the drain and empty bottles are sold to the nearby liqour outlets. Money from the empty bottles is deposited into the Police Station’s financial office.

The police do not consume the confiscated liqour.

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