Kaalfontein- It has been almost a year since the clinic in Ebony Park/Kaalfontein was complete. However, it’s doors remain closed and community members are forced to use nearby clinics i.e. Midrand Clinic and Lindokuhle Clinic.

The issue has apparently been hiring practices of staff of the clinic and the proposed operating hours.

The state of the art Ebony Park Clinic was revamped for R45 million and the revamp was complete in August last year. The eco-friendly clinic is equipped with the latest technological innovations such as the peak photo-voltaic system, which generate electrical power from solar panels reducing operational costs and minimising on the carbon footprint of the development.

It also includes standby electrical power supply which allows continuity of power supply to some critical areas during power outages within the facility.

Further innovations includes LED lighting systems where practical, which allow for a lower energy consumption, lower maintenance costs compared to conventional lighting and as a result reduced operational costs.

The Ward 111 Councilor Matsemela has invited members of the community to the clinic today at 13:30 pm. The clinic is located at the corners of Archerfish Avenue and Mudhopper Street, Ebony Park in Midrand.

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