Eskom says it has noted a significant rise in network overloading resulting from illegal connections across the high density areas of Gauteng. This overloading is also apparent in areas with multiple or backyard dwellings, bypassed meters, and vandalism of the electricity infrastructure.

These illegal connections and tempering with Eskom equipment result in damages to electrical infrastructure such as transformers, mini-substations and substations in these areas. The affected areas include parts of Kaalfontein, Ebony Park, Ivory Park, Cosmo City, Diepsloot, Orange Farm, Sebokeng and Soweto.

The illegal connections, meter bypasses and other theft-related activities on Eskom’s infrastructure continue to be the leading cause for the sporadic and prolonged electricity interruptions, which leave the communities without power for days. Eskom says that it is not in a position to continually repair damaged equipment caused by overloading and illegal connections.

Eskom continues to monitor the network in real time, and would like to request customers to desist from tempering with electricity infrastructure. Eskom continues to safeguard its assets by auditing, removing illegal connections and fixing bypassed meters in an effort to protect the network to operate optimally according to design capacity.

The communities are urged to help the power utility to manage the load by switching off appliances such as heaters, stoves and geysers and only use when absolute necessary is in order to stabilise the network at the local level.

Parts of Ebony Park, Ivory Park and Kaalfontein are currently without power. Eskom requests your cooperation so we keep networks safe in order to supply electricity without interruptions.

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