Ivory Park Detectives have arrested six people in connection with the recent double mob justice related murders in Tswelopele and Ivory Park.

The six suspects were arrested at their homes on Tuesday with one handing himself over after he got wind of the fact that the police officers are hot on his trail.

In the first mob murder, a man in his early 30s was assaulted and burnt to death in Tswelopele, on 19 February 2021 after he and two others were accused of a business robbery at a local tavern.

He and two men were taken to an open space, interrogated in between the beatings and was burnt. He was certified dead at the scene. The two others managed to escape.

“Five people are currently behind bars in connection with this gruesome incident, and the search for the other suspects is in full swing.” said the spokesperson of the Ivory Park SAPS, Captain Ben Matimulane.

In the second murder incident in Ivory Park, an unknown man was beaten to death after he and an unknown number of people allegedly attempted to rob another local tavern.

There was a shooting, during which the deceased was shot on the hand, escaped but eventually caught. He was assaulted, rescued and died on the way to hospital.

“A 34 year old member of a local community patrolling group has been arrested in connection with the murder. The latter may be slapped with a second murder charge following another mob murder in the area. The Ivory Park detectives believe that they are on to something.” added Matimulane.

The Acting Station Commander of the Ivory Park SAPS, Colonel Baba Mpotoane, has welcomed these arrests, saying they will go a long way in stopping these series of murders. He encouraged the community to rather work with the police through the existing structures such as the community policing forums.

“Having failed to work with us, these suspects are now expected to, through the courts, explain how they ended up being complaints, jury and executioners,” said Colonel Mpotoane.

He said that we all have an obligation to work within the ambit of the law.

The six suspects are expected to appear in the Tembisa Magistrate Court soon to answer to the charges levelled against them.


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