Tembisa SAPS Communications Officer, Social Crime Prevention, GBV Coordinator, Department of Education and Patrollers went to Zitikeni Secondary School in Tembisa to do a school search on Thursday, 28 April 2022.

With the ongoing school fights and complaints from the teachers about learners, the police and the Department of Education’s Maphuthi Williams decided to embark on this unannounced school search.

“All learners entering the school premises were sesrched from the gate. Many of them were seen dropping lots of unknown stuff from a distance, while seven (7) were taken to the school principal’s office in possession of sharp objects and cigarettes,” said Constable Patricia Mgijima, the spokesperson of Tembisa SAPS.

“One of the learners was suspended with immediate effect after he was found in possession of dagga”. Mgijima added.

Police call on parents to check their children’s school bags and not to give them too much money for lunch.

Constable Makgupya, SAPS Social Crime Prevention and Schools Coordinator calls on parents to rather prepare lunch boxes for their children instead of offering money.

She wishes the parents can play their role, as much as the police and the Department of Education are striving to correct the learners. Parents also have a duty to come to the party and assist.

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