A 63-year old woman has been saved by the quick reaction of the police on Wednesday morning.

The police were patrolling when they received a complaint of possible mob justice at Moriting Section, Tembisa.

“On arrival, the police were approached by the angry members of the community alleging that the woman was spotted in the middle of the night, digging at the four corners of the street, sending shock to the neighbours,” said Sergeant Patricia Mgijima

The community mobilised and the woman was interrogated and she claimed that she got the muthi from an Inyanga in Johannesburg CBD as she was having nightmares and some heard strange movements on the roof of her house.

Sergeant Patricia Mgijima denounced the act of vigintalism to the community and informed the community of an Occult Unit in the SAPS where such cases can be reported.

The community was warned NEVER to take the law into their own hands as they end up being the suspects.

Following the intervention of the police, the community dispersed peacefully and the elderly woman at the center of the incident was taken home by her family.

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