The South African Weather Service’s (SAWS) National Forecasting Centre has issued a Level 2 Impact Based Warning for the potential of “severe thunderstorms” over parts of the City of Johannesburg tomorrow, Wednesday the 30th of September 2020 between 10:00 and 21:00.

The SAWS advises that there’s a high likelihood of thunderstorms tomorrow. Based on the warning, there is a high risk of minor to severe impact in places over parts of Gauteng.

According to the SAWS
, the thunderstorm formations will start in the afternoon and reach maximum intensity around 17:00. It is predicted that the storm pockets will be associated with severe lightning, localised flash flooding, reduced driving ability and damaging winds. This may also damage informal and formal housing.

The City of Johannesburg Disaster Management Centre (CoJDMC) is calling on the residents of the City to exercise caution on the day. Some Precautions suggested include remaining indoors, do not seek shelter under a tree, avoid open spaces and do not cross low-lying bridges.

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