It’s been 23 hours since the water was shutdown in Kaalfontein, Ivory Park and Ebony Park. Johannesburg Water employees are still on site at the President Park Reservoir. The team is restoring a 700 mm burst pipe. An excavator was requested at the site this morning as the team was unable to adequately excavate the pipe properly.

The team completed the excavations around 2pm today and are busy with constructing couplings to join the pipes together. The Media Liason for Johannesburg Water, Isaac Dludlu appealed for patience and apologized to the communities of Kaalfontein, Ivory Park and Ebony Park for the inconvenience.

Johannesburg Water trucks are roaming the streets of KAE and Ivory Park to supply water to residents. The expected time of water restoration is unknown at this time.

UPDATE 18:03: JW is making some progress as the team is busy installing cascade clamps to wrap the 1314 diameter pipe. They expect to complete in the next 4-5 hours and will immediately start pressuring the line.

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