In an incident of mob justice. Three suspected thugs were beaten and subsequently burned to death by members of the community of Winnie Mandela in Tembisa.

The mob justice incident happened over the weekend in the early hours of Saturday morning, 23 October 2021.

Apparently, 5 alleged criminals were identified and caught by the community at Winnie Mandela’s Zone 10. Two (2) managed to escape while three (3) were caught and burned by ‘umphakathi’.

The deceased were burnt to death and unrecognisable, as they were also burned in their faces, when pathologists arrived at the scene.

Winnie Mandela has been experiencing numerous house break ins recently. Seventeen households were robbed in a single night of the 15th of October 2021.

“We are sick and tired of these criminals. We can’t even sleep peacefully. We hear gunshots every single day. Good riddance to rubbish!” said a member of the community who asked not to be named.

Local police are appealing to community members not take the law in their own hands and are investigating 3 murders.

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