At KAE News we believe that Mobile Data is a basic right and not a privilege.

We liken the use of the Internet with the constitutionally entrenched Bill of Right of Access to Information which is in Section 32(1) of the Constitution which states that everyone has the right of access to “any information held by the state” as well as “any information that is held by another person and that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights”.

This is the reason we post full articles on our social media pages for our readers that are on Free Mode.

We are delighted with the decision by Telkom to launch new social media packages from as little as R1. The new bundles provide access to Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok.

The new bundles are available for purchase by all Telkom mobile customers and are available as daily, weekly and monthly bundles. Prices range from R1 for 25MB with 24-hour validity to R100 for 3GB of data with 31-day validity

In addition, Telkom has introduced LTE data plans which include double the data for late-night use. On prepaid, the plans start at R99 for 5GB with 31 days’ validity and go up to R1 059 for 220GB with 61 days’ validity.

Access to the Internet is very important because it is the limitless space where people have access to pretty much infinite amounts of information. Including but not limited to business opportunities, vacancies available, knowledge.

We hope other Telecommunications companies will follow suit in making data accessible and affordable.

Knowledge is Power and Data helps us unlock that power.

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