We have received good news from the Councilor of Ward 111 that the clinic is set to open on Monday, the 6th of January 2020.

The clinic construction has long been completed. However, the hold up was an occupational certificate. It comes as a great start of the year for the KAE (Kaalfontein, Ebony Park, Clinic) community.

The community had to go to the Thuthukani Clinic while the clinic was closed. Staff have been hired as reported last year. The clinic will operate 24 hours for emergencies and maternity ward.

KAE News has a donation received from Cuddlers for the first baby born of the clinic. The donation is valued at R900 and is 4 x 48 diapers and 16x 64 baby wipes. The donation will be given to the first baby born of the clinic, Baby KAE.

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