Eskom has released an update advising that it’s Power System is under severe pressure. The Community is requested to switch off all unnecessary lights, geyser and non-essential appliances. Every year during winter the electricity supply in Kaalfontein,Ebony Park and Ivory Park is not reliable and can switch off at anytime due to the cold weather which necessitates residents to plug heaters.

Eskom continues to monitor the grid in real time and should the need arise, power can be switched off without notice. The Power Utility is also removing illegal connections to safeguard and protect its equipment from failure due to overloading. In addition, it says that it will implement load reduction in areas with high energy demand during peak periods in the morning and evenings. Load reduction can also be implemented outside the stipulated peak periods if there’s an increase in energy demand. The load reduction initiative is a response to protect Eskom’s equipment.

Some areas in Kaalfontein, Ivory Park and Ebony Park have had transformers explode in recent times due to the overloading. The Power Utility takes more than a week to respond to these incidents.

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