Young girls of Rebonwe Primary School in Ivory Park did the nation proud. We previously reported that the girls soccer team will play in the Danone Nations Cup in Spain.

The girls together with boys-Nomlinganiselo from Cape Town were in Spain last week and came back over the weekend. Although both teams didn’t win any silverware the experience is something that the children will never forget and will cherish for the rest of their lives. They surely made memories that will never be forgotten.

The South African kids interacted with other children from around the globe. Countries like Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil and others were represented.

Recognized by FIFA, the Danone Nations Cup is the world’s largest international soccer tournament for children aged between 10-12 years old, drawing over 2,5 million participants from over 40 countries every year. It is great exposure for kids and their coaches.

‘They have done the country proud.

They have made friends, joined in the spirit of the experience, had loads of fun at all the games that were arranged while they were not playing, learnt a lot about the game of soccer, ate different foods – some they loved and some not so much, they learnt about winning and losing and bouncing back, but most of all they learnt a lot about life!’

The winners of the tournament were Mexico for boys and Spain for girls.

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