The likelihood that Eskom may implement loadshedding today, which may continue throughout the weekend, has increased significantly due to multiple generation unit trips overnight. Eskom lost 7 generation units at 4 power stations overnight. These are Duvha, Tutuka, Kriel and Grootvlei power-stations.

This has caused severe additional strain on the Power Utility’s Reserve Capacity. The statement issued by Eskom this afternoon says “in order to rebuild our emergency reserve for the coming week, there’s an increased probability of implementing loadshedding today”

This comes after KAE and Ivory Park’s electricity was switched off from 17:00 to 22:00 yesterday, 6 March 2020. Eskom says unplanned breakdowns or outages were at 11 868MW as at 10:50 this morning.

KAE News will update you as soon as loadshedding is implemented and what times we will be affected.

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