Eskom conducted an operation to audit meters in Midrand’s residential small holdings (plots) on Wednesday, 22 September 2021.

The operation targeted Glen Austin which is not far from KAE. The perception that illegal connections are generally only found in townships was debunked.

Meter audits and removing illegal connections in Glen Austin’s residential small holdings were conducted to curb energy losses and to recover revenue due to Eskom.

Numerous households found with illegal connections were disconnected and residents fined.

The operation formed part of the power utility’s energy loss management campaign in Gauteng and aimed to address and recover revenue loss due to non-adherence of Eskom’s Standard Conditions of Supply.

Remedial notices were issued to non compliant customers and fines of as much as R30,000.00 were issued to perpetrators in Glen Austin.

Glen Austin was recently added to Eskom’s Load Reduction schedule. Load Reduction is implemented in areas with high instances of meter bypassing and illegal connections.

“The rise in illegal connections is of grave concern. Electricity theft, illegal connections, meter tampering and bypassing and the buying & selling of illegal prepaid vouchers are costing the South African economy approximately R20 billion yearly.” said Eskom in a statement.

Report electricity theft anonymously to Eskom crime reporting line: 0800 11 27 22 (toll-free) .

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