Ivory Park detectives are calling on the families of two men whose bodies were, after an exhaustive search, buried as paupers, to contact them.

“Out of respect for the public the Ivory Park SAPS is unable to publish the crime scene pictures of the two men who died separately under different circumstances and places” said Captain Ben Matimulane, the spokesperson of Ivory Park SAPS.

“The only information that we are able to provide is that the two suspects have died in 2010 and 2018, and have all been buried as paupers due to the fact that their identities cannot be established. The 2010 victim was killed at Extension Nine, Ivory Park, whereas the 2018 victim died next to a bridge in Duduza, Ivory Park. They are both men.” Matimulane added.

Using the above information as a guide, any family whose member disappeared at more or less the same time and hasn’t been heard of since then can contact Detective Sergeant Benneth Sambo of Ivory Park SAPS on 073 440 1355 to view the pictures.

“Like we said the pictures cannot be published because of the state the deceased were found in but can be viewed on a one on one basis” Matimulane concluded.

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