We are delighted to announce that the building of KAE Headquarters is almost complete and will open to the public during the fourth quarter of 2020. The offices are located in Ebony Park

In April we started the construction of our Headquarters due to demand from our followers and readers for a physical spot. Through generous donations and self funding we are excited to share with you that the offices are almost ready.

We used local and youth owned businesses for the construction of KAE News headquarters:
Construction- Petros Builder’s 078 493 4766
Painting and Ceiling- Bajiki Ceiling & Renovations 078 664 8405
Furniture and flooring – Mdaka Holdings 061 452 1869
Sliding Door- ADP Glass 073 744 5777
Security Burglar – Masha Welding Works 071 725 0312
Electrical- Muhali Electrical Engineering 072 174 9048
Branding- Sfiso Sfila Art 067 636 4414

Thank you for all your support, you keep us going!

KAE News
Kae Kapa Kae.

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