Johannesbug- after the chaos, violence and sphithithi that happened earlier this week in Johannesburg CBD targeted mainly at foreign nationals it seems the attacks have started again.

KAE News has received reports of widespread violence and unrest. This comes after Police Minister Bheki Cele was due to meet community at planned Imbizo which was cancelled for unknown reasons. The Johannesburg community have given Cele and President Cyril Ramaphosa 24 hours to address their grievances over undocumented foreign nationals.

Buildings are being vandalized and foreign nationals attacked. It is believed that the perpetrators of the widespread violence in the CBD are Zulu speaking hostel dwellers. One victim of the violence was a Xitsonga speaking male who failed to say what’s the translated Zulu version of an elbow when asked.

Minister Cele is due to address the media in Randburg tomorrow morning at 8:30. The violence happening is reminiscent of the state sponsored Inkatha Freedom Primary (IFP) and African National Congress (ANC) violence in the early 90s.

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