KAE News is considering instituting a class action lawsuit against the Eskom State Owned Company. Property Owners and Tenants that have had their rights infringed by failed transformers in Ebony Park and surrounding areas are urged to email legal@kaenews.co.za with details of how the electricity outage has affected you financially, economically, academically and in general.

Kindly send us your residential address, full names, ID Number, Last electricity purchased and how the electricity has negatively affected you to the above email address.

Eskom has acted unfairly by allowing few people that meter bypass and conduct illegal connections to inconvenience the thousands of households that are full paying customers

Eskom says it will only start with the normalisation of transformers which have failed or exploded as a result of network overloading in Ebony Park in September. The power utility claims that “Due to the high volume of equipment that has failed, the work will be executed in phases informed by the scope of work and material availability.”

Communities which have paid their fines in full or submitted signed DPA forms to Eskom will be prioritised. The community is advised that the process can take a further three months to complete.

The Eskom process will include:

  1. Conducting meter audits
  2. Disconnecting bypassed meters
  3. Removing illegal connections Issuing fines to contravening customers

Below is a list of Stands affected and Scheduled date to be completed by:
2100 – 2140 11 September 2020
2207- 2327 12 September 2020
1592 15 October 2020
290 – 410 16 October 2020
500, 600, 700 26 October 2020

It is inhumane that people will have to spend more days without electricity. However, residents are urged to allow technicians access to the areas so that employees can work safely and restore supply.

Ebony Park

Failed transformers in Ebony Park

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