In the past three (3) years, Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital (TPTH) has been at the forefront of delivering thousands of babies in its neonatal and maternity wards.

However, it is with deep sorrow that we address the concerning issue of infant mortality.

Despite the efforts of dedicated staff members, a significant number of infants (1.5%) did not survive in the past three years.

This translates to 237 deaths in 2020/21, 271 in 2021/22, and 280 in 2022/23, with causes including infections, immaturity-related issues, hypoxia, congenital anomalies, and others.

The Gauteng MEC for Health and Wellness, Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko, acknowledged these heartbreaking statistics during her recent response to questions at the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.

While these numbers are distressing, it is crucial to highlight that the majority of deliveries at Tembisa Hospital (98.5%) have been successful, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the neonatal and maternity staff.

In addition to addressing the issue of infant mortality, the hospital is also actively tackling resource challenges.

Measures have been taken to fill vacant positions, with 25 out of 32 recently advertised posts now occupied. The recruitment includes 15 professional nurses and 10 enrolled nurses who started their duties on 1 June 2023. The hospital is also in the process of attracting four specialty nurses and filling three positions for enrolled nursing assistants.

To enhance the quality of care provided, Tembisa Hospital is making strides in procuring essential equipment. Plans are in place to acquire an EEG machine, MRI scan, Ultrasound machine with Cranial and Cardiac Probes, and other necessary medical equipment through the 2023/24 demand plan and National Tertiary Services Grant business plan.

The hospital is also committed to ensuring a continuous supply of medical consumables through regular stock procurement.

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