A forty-three (43) year old woman was shot and wounded while an unknown male was fatally wounded in the early hours of Friday morning.

It is alleged by Detective Sergeant Solly Meso, that the police were called out to a scene at a Tembisa Train Station, where two commuters were shot by PRASA security.

“On further enquiry, the two security guards informed the police that the commuters tried to overpower them, forcing their entry into the terminals without any valid boarding tickets.”

“While trying to deny them entry, some tried to disarm the security their shotguns. This is when shots were accidentally discharged leading to the two victims being injured.” said Constable Patricia Mgijimi, the spokesperson of Tembisa SAPS.

Both shotguns were confiscated pending further investigation.

The unknown deceased male had no form of identification and is estimated to be between 35 and 40 years old. He was taken to Germiston Mortuary while the female victim was ferried to Tembisa Hospital in a stable condition.

Anyone with their loved one missing is urged to contact Tembisa Police Station to ascertain if it might not be the victim on (011) 920-8000 or visit the police station.

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