As the EFF’s National Shutdown continues, it is relatively quiet in several areas of South Africa, including Kaalfontein, Allandale, and Ebony Park (KAE)

Majority of small businesses have closed their doors, however major retailers in KAE such as Shoprite in Yarona Shopping Centre and Kaalfontein Corner; Boxer in Archerfish Crossing; SPAR in Ebony Park Shopping Centre, and Pick n Pay in Busy Corner Mall have remained open. Interestingly, employees have been instructed not to wear their uniforms to avoid any potential confrontations with protesters.

The filling stations in KAE namely Engen in Kaalfontein and BP in Ebony Park are open.

There’s high visibility of law enforcement, including the South African Police Service (SAPS) and private security, this has contributed to the relatively peaceful atmosphere in the affected areas. With SAPS members on high alert.

While the quiet in the affected areas may be a relief to some, it is important to note that the National Shutdown is still ongoing in other parts of the country. The protesters’ demands for access to electricity and the resignation of President Cyril Ramaphosa are still a pressing concern for many South Africans.

The continent’s wealthiest business district, Sandton has been closed.

The Commander-In-Chief of the EFF, Julius Malema is currently in the capital city of Tshwane joined by various organisations to demand that Ramaphosa Must Go.

Loadshedding remains suspended today.

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