You might have been surprised like us when on Monday, 06 November 2023, electricity switched off at 22:00 on the dot.

But how? According to KAE News and other loadshedding apps no loadshedding was scheduled for Monday.

This is because Eskom in Gauteng has revised the loadshedding blocks and schedules. City Power has reportedly taken over the load shedding implementation in Johannesburg.

Last week, Eskom and City Power announced that the local power utility would be taking over its own loadshedding implementation which would see residents only being effected by two-hour blackouts at a time under the new schedule.

We have not fully grasped the new loadshedding regime and will learn how it works as we go along.

KAE News will publish the expected loadshedding schedule in our areas of Kaalfontein, Allandale, Ebony Park and surrounding areas shortly.

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