The Friends Group is two companies owned by Pheta Lamola namely Pikitup & Friends & Spick And Span.

About Pikitup and Friends:
we wash Dustbins in the KAE area.

  • Bin Wash is R100 per month. The Friends Group also introduced a service called Bin Insurance. They insure your bin for R50 should it get lost they immeadietly replace it due and they also replace broken bins if you’re insured with them at only R50.

Pikitup & Friends has different branches in Ivory 2, Ma7, Ma3 and Kaalfontein.

Phetho Lamola has employed 4 Permanent and 11 part time staff. He celebrated 1 year in business this month on the 6th september 2023

Spick and Span launched on the 6th of September. They clean homes, Spring cleaning, Yard sweeping and Window cleaning.

Follow them across all social media platforms:

Facebook: Name is *Pikitup and Friends

Twitter: Name is Pikitup_Friends

Instagram: Name: pikitup_and_friends

Whatsapp: +27 72 627 5520
Call : 067 731 8057

Whatsapp link :

Website link;


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