Police Officers from the Ekurhuleni District Task Team have on Tuesday, 05 October 2021, arrested two men who were found with four cellphones belonging to three people who had just been hijacked and kidnapped just a few hours before.

“The suspects, aged 36, were driving a truck and were found just several meters from a hijacked truck, already in possession of the cellphones, jamming devices and a toy firearm which, to an untrained eye, would look like a real thing“ the SAPS said in a statement.

“Shortly before their arrest a truck delivering liquor was stopped along the R562 road in Olifantsfontein by three men posing as police officers.”

The suspects were allegedly in a white Ford ST, fitted with blue lights. After the driver complied with what he thought were real police officers, he and his other two occupants were bundled into the car at gunpoint, driven to a house in Tembisa and finally dumped at Mooifontein Cemetery.

In between the robbers were on the phone to some people, giving the green light to the person to go and fetch the cargo as the victims have been secured.

All of these movements and calls will form part of an investigation. For the time being the two will face a charge of possession of robbed property but, said Brigadier David Mbongeni Ngcobo, the station commander of the Ivory Park SAPS, the dots will be connected.

“We are positive that we are onto something big and I am fully confident that our investigation will say as much, ” said Brigadier Ngcobo.

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